July 2020

Broadacre farmers, and their advisors, need information they can trust to assist decision making. They have told us they want remote sensing to help them save time and money, and increase productivity. We have listened.

Broadacre farmers are overwhelmed by companies offering NDVI imagery and other technology offerings. Through working closely with farmers, agronomists and agri-businesses and listening to their concerns, scepticism and requirements, we have understood what is needed from remote sensing and acted to deliver.

Any remote sensing technology has to help broadacre farmers save time, save money, or increase productivity — and ideally, all three. Any solution also has to be easy to order, convenient to use, timely and trustworthy. Our AgIntel product and associated services have been designed with farmers and agronomists specifically to meet these needs, and extensively tested and proven by them before reaching market.

We save broadacre farmers time by enabling them to:

Many of these services deliver cost savings to broadacre farmers, through reduced labour, and knowledge which allows optimised applications to be made as well as smarter input purchases. In some cases, machinery costs can be saved (e.g. drone) as the insights are available through easier, cheaper means — particularly applicable in broadacre where often large areas render drone operations ineffective or impractical. Overall, profitability can be increased through the combination of cost savings, greater efficiencies, and better yields through decision farming — made possible by intelligent remote sensing.

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