July 2020

Livestock producers, and their advisors, know the benefit technology brings — from improving production to better managing animals, water and other key assets. Our remote sensing solutions form part of that mix.

Managing the two key inputs to livestock production, feed and water, are critical aspects that our technology assists with.

Our remote sensing finds open water bodies at the resolution of the satellite (10m, or higher on-demand), and can be updated on a regular basis (AgIntel) or whenever needed. Even on cloudy days, we have an option that will still deliver this information to assist critical decision making.

Much of this sector has to manage the grazing of animals, for whom feed on offer or biomass is an essential input to their management decisions, affecting quality and yield. Our capabilities have recently extended to this important sector of agriculture, and we are proving that pasture biomass can be reliably derived across vast areas using satellite imagery and intelligent algorithms exploiting a range of wavebands and other phenomena.

We understand that introducing new technology must save time, save money or increase productivity — and ideally, all three. We also appreciate that any solution must also be easy to order, convenient to use, timely and trustworthy. Our AgIntel product gives updates every 3 days, on average, and other services can be provided on-demand or at regular intervals. All have been designed with farmers and agronomists specifically to meet these needs, and extensively tested and proven by them before reaching market.

Time savings we can deliver for livestock farmers come through providing intelligence that gives the ability to help:

Examples of our work within the livestock sector include grazing management, benchmarking of feed varieties, and finding open water. For more details about our agriculture products and services, and our pasture biomass capabilities,  please get in touch.


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