August 2020

There is an increasing need for using insightful remote sensing to monitor the environment. Rising levels of pollution and temperature in oceans have caused concern for the impact on aquatic life and coastal regions. With oceans covering over 70% of the Earth's surface, solutions are needed that allow large regions to be monitored quickly and effectively, providing more than imagery alone. D-CAT offer services which help clients to manage and protect fragile ecosystems.

Oil Spill Detection

Oil spills are a huge concern for the environment, as well as industries such fisheries and tourism. Notable recent cases include the oil spills in Russia and Mauritius where thousands of tonnes of oil have been leaked causing irreversible damage. Both sites are monitored regularly by satellites which capture images of the oceans using a variety of sensors. Using analytics and image processing applied to Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, our technology determines exactly where there has been contaminated by the oil. Such insights allows environmental damage to be accessed, and can assist in the management of any clean-up operations.

The following shows a false colour image of the oil (in red) in Mauritius from 11 August 2020:

Similarly, here is the diesel oil spill in Russia in June 2020:

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