May 2024

With increasing financial pressures on businesses, as well as the desire to reduce carbon emissions and meet targets, switching to solar offers an immediate and tangible means of doing so. Key factors in the decision to go solar include understanding the potential of a business property to bring savings, the initial investment required to install solar and the likely payback period, but this information typically requires time to source from multiple vendors who have to visit a property before quoting. NatWest has solved the problem with an online tool from D-CAT that gives estimates in minutes, or less.

With only one third of UK businesses estimated (by The Economist) to be utilising solar as an energy source, there exists enormous, untapped potential for reducing carbon emissions and delivering long-term savings to businesses of all sizes across the country.

NatWest realised the need to make it much easier and faster for decision makers in companies to understand the investment required and likely payback period if they are to install solar panels on their properties, and the need to be made aware of any differences in payback period depending on the number and location of panels installed. Setting the goal to create a simple and fast online calculator capable of providing accurate estimates based on property size and location anywhere in the UK, they chose D-CAT's technology and expertise to deliver the solution.

Bringing scientific rigour, optimised cloud computing and remote sensing expertise, D-CAT's solar potential calculator is now available here via NatWest's website to business customers seeking energy solutions to meet their climate change goals and to realise immediate savings on their energy bills.

Daniel Gibbs of NatWest's Climate Propositions team said "It's been a fantastic experience working with D-CAT. Through the partnership we've been able to push the boundaries on what is technically feasible, while providing insights in a useful and meaningful way. The feedback from our customers and colleagues has been outstanding as it has helped to simplify the complex process of understanding whether renewable generation is right for a business."



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