Data drives these critical industries, and we help clients to derive intelligence from that data to better manage critical infrastructure remotely, reliably and automatically. Our knowledge and wide experience of designing bespoke sensor systems that deliver simple, clear solutions from often complex distributed data sources has been utilised by businesses globally.


Maintaining supply of clean water, management of waste water, asset creation and preservation, catchment area monitoring, environment and littoral water and marine life health are just some of the many regulatory requirements placed on water companies. Sensors, data processing and analytics therefore form a key component of current industry systems and business practices, and D-CAT is working with leading businesses and industry groups to bring further efficiencies and new working practices which utilise remote sensing, advanced AI and sensor networks, spectral and hyperspectral processing, and cloud services at new price points.

Examples of our work for this sector include risk mapping of sewerage networks to dramatically reduce inspection time and cost, moisture monitoring of key catchment areas, and ground movement mapping around critical assets. We have also mentored a PhD student to assist a water utility investigating seagrass health using hyperspectral processing and are proud members of Water RA (Australia).


Similar to the water industry, electricity suppliers have strict regulatory requirements that drive business practices and wide usage of sensing and processing technology, as well as modelling and mapping — all understood by D-CAT thanks to our team's heritage of safety-critical software system design, development and delivery. We work closely with clients and partners in the industry to understand specific needs, primarily listening before undertaking studies, proof-of-concept prototypes, or tailoring API services to meet requirements and deliver value proposed at the outset.

Industry requirements for sensing, processing and data intelligence include, to name just a few, thermal monitoring of buried conductors, ensuring trees remain at safe distances from power lines, stability of land around assets, and wide area surveillance.

Examples of projects we have undertaken include mapping tree heights using satellite images, which can inform vegetation management near power lines, and using satellite imagery together with our image processing technology to automatically detect solar panels.


Advanced sensing and processing is commonplace in the mining industry, and our ability to advise and consult as well as design and implement is of value to this sector. Whether as partners to inspection businesses where our spectral and image processing skills enable rapid detection with high probability performance figures, or as trusted partners monitoring land rehabilitation, our services and rare hyperspectral sensor processing expertise enables mining companies to find, manage and monitor things of value to them using trusted, proven partners.

Examples of our projects and services for the mining industry include working with a drone company to process visible and thermal imagery to find water leaks and other things of interest to their large mining client, and monitoring of rehabilitated mine sites to assist decisions around readiness for use as agricultural land.

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