July 2020

Managing irrigation, short growth cycles and produce quality are just some of the demands on horticulture growers and their advisors. Accessing trusted, timely information that helps them manage these challenges, and leads to efficiency savings and improved outputs is what they need. D-CAT can help.

Growers in the Horticulture sector look to new technologies to help them make irrigation and other decisions to maximise the quality and/or yield, as well as the timeliness of harvest. Our time in this industry, working closely with growers and agronomists who cover all aspects of horticulture, has allowed us to learn how to meet those needs effectively and affordably.

We enable growers to save time, save money and increase productivity through our 10m resolution remote sensing services and our product, AgIntel, whilst our higher-resolution on-demand offerings bridge the gap between in-field or on-pivot sensors and save money on drone or fixed wing flights. All of our technologies have been extensively tested and proven by growers and agronomists before reaching market, following our rigorous validation procedures.

Those time savings come in many different ways:

Many of these services deliver cost savings to horticulture producers and agronomists, through reduced scouting, knowledge of issues before they would otherwise be spotted (e.g. water leaks, damaged crops), and the ability to use variable rate sprayers with the right application mix over only the areas needed. Overall, profitability can be increased through the combination of cost savings, greater efficiencies, and better outputs through decision farming — made possible by intelligent remote sensing.

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