We are experts in understanding and delivering the benefits that data intelligence can bring to all aspects of the agriculture industry — from small holdings to large, corporate operations we are able to bring efficiency savings, reduce costs and provide trusted information that enables better decision making.

Our technology is appropriate for all sectors of agriculture — broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, livestock production  as we enable growers, agriculture businesses and professionals to save time and money, and increase profitability.

We do that by providing services and tools based on scientific rigour, combining our deep spectral and sensing knowledge with agronomic expertise of partners, and years of on-farm validation before bringing anything to market so you can trust the insights we deliver. Choose from:

We serve clients over an area greater than 5M hectares and who use our technology as part of their decision agriculture management of broadacre and horticulture crops, tree crops, vineyards and pastures for livestock production. All share the need for trusted, timely intelligence that brings far greater return their technology investment. Requirements vary greatly, from resolution and update rates required to the type of information needed, but universally the need to easily interpret results, make decisions and take action is something we solve for all.

As a result, we work with all types of sensor data (visible, near infrared, thermal, radar, IoT) from a wide range of platforms (satellites, aircraft, drones, ground-based) to deliver unique, best-in-class solutions to meet a range of price points. For example, choosing a fusion of visible and radar data improves the accuracy of our service and enables all-weather imaging, but is more costly than the single sensor solution.  

Some examples of our agriculture services are shown below, but for more information about how we can help you save time and money, and increase profitability, please get in touch, we'd be pleased to help.

Water and Soil Monitoring

Growth and Phenology Tracking

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