Accessing data and derived insights from satellites couldn’t be easier as we have a wide range of immediately available remote sensing services accessible via our Fusion Platform®, and we can also rapidly tailor new data services to meet your needs.

We're able to do so because our Fusion Platform® contains a large suite of modular algorithms that can be run as part of a more complex processing chain, allowing rapid configuration of new data services. Where new algorithms are required then we also offer a development capability with rigorous testing, verification and validation to establish that performance, and price, requirements have been met.

A wide range of satellites are supported by the platform, including multispectral, SAR and non-imaging sources. New data sources from satellites and other sensors, including IoT, can easily be added as a new ingester module, allowing us to offer the latest data to clients and to accommodate any proprietary data sources you may need us to process.

As the name implies, many of our Fusion Platform® services use data from multiple satellites and intelligently fuse the complementary information to bring otherwise impossible insights, greater robustness to weather, better update rates, or improved accuracy.

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Partner Algorithms

As well as developing our own extensive set of trusted algorithms, we are also committed to incorporating the algorithms of other specialist partner developers who have proven technology. This enables their proprietary algorithms to be curated into a stand-alone service on their own, or to be combined with D-CAT algorithms into a more tailored service within a secure, scalable and high availability platform.


We are delighted that the Fusion Platform® has been recognised by the European Space Agency as the platform to demonstrate and deliver high value agriculture data intelligence services for yield prediction, frost damage detection and weed detection for agriculture for clients in Australia and beyond.

Case Studies & News

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