The Fusion Platform® works by running a pipeline of data services to produce the required outputs. This typically involves ingesting from one or more data sources then processing these through an appropriate algorithm, or series of algorithms. The outputs can then be delivered either directly via our SDK or to a target destination, such as your own AWS S3 bucket.

We have designed the Fusion Platform® to run any appropriate algorithm, ingesting the data that is required to output what matters to your business. As an Algorithm-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform, this means that we build solutions which are deployed to the platform to work automatically. We also work with third-party suppliers of algorithms to deploy their solutions so that they work efficiently at scale.

If you want to use one of the existing data services we offer, are interested in whether we can develop a solution to meet your needs, or have an algorithm you think could benefit from our approach, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Data Sources

We can ingest data from a range of remote sensing data sources, including satellites, weather and IoT data. As experts in remote sensing, we know how to make the best of the data that is available, and how to fuse it with other data to overcome any limitations.


We offer a wide range of existing data services, or can build a tailored solution for you. Our data services are designed to automatically ingest all of the required input data and to execute all of the steps needed to turn this into the outputs that you need.

Actionable Insights

Each service is designed to produce actionable data in a format that you can consume, typically as geospatial data. These outputs can either be downloaded directly from the platform using our Python SDK, or they can be delivered to a destination of your choice, such as an AWS S3 bucket.

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