We help businesses, cities and governments plan, monitor and manage valuable assets. Increasingly, assets — whether buildings, infrastructure, cities or commodities — are sensed in some way, and our sensor processing, data fusion, and cloud platform expertise is delivering benefits across the infrastructure sector where remote monitoring, multi-sensor systems, site or logistics planning are required.

Construction and Asset Management

Our technology can provide key inputs through the full lifecycle of construction, from site assessment to ongoing management of key assets, delivered directly to your software systems or as dedicated reports and images compatible with BIM tools. We work with Tier 1 suppliers and businesses directly to provide cost-effective solutions that meet a wide range of requirements. Examples of our data-driven intelligence services and consultancy include:

Smart Cities

Smart cities know how to harness, connect and utilise their enormous amounts of data and resources for the greater good, delivering better-planned, cleaner and more sustainable environments. Intelligent use of big data — using in, below and above ground sensors; internet-enabled devices, places and buildings; and connected systems  is transforming the way people live and their quality of life. 

We know how to handle big data, optimally process and fuse to extract meaning, trends and other valuable intelligence for city planners, businesses, authorities and communities, using our expertise to deliver benefits through technologies that include:

Examples include projects where we have mapped city hotspots to help enable better management of metropolitan area temperatures over hot summer periods by providing accurate wide-area temperature maps at 15m resolution, and where our vegetation monitoring and analysis has provided intelligence to enable smarter water usage of green spaces.


For transport and logistics businesses serving rural communities, knowledge of crop locations and predicted yields enables asset and resource optimisation. Utilising our advanced  algorithm technology we can work with your business to help deliver real cost savings and efficiencies, using intelligence to give insights including:

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