D-CAT was founded to provide insights from data to a worldwide market, affordably and effectively. Inspired by the wave of new high-quality data and image sources available and emerging, increasing connectivity and cloud capabilities, and rapid advances in AI, we set about providing accessible, trustworthy and timely intelligence from data and imagery. In just few years we have grown to service clients in multiple continents with valuable insights and reliable business intelligence that has delivered them cost savings, operational improvements and better decision making.

Our founders have expert background in the defence, security and intelligence industries, including creating and building novel technology businesses, designing and delivering sensor and system solutions, and providing strategic planning advice and consultancy. We therefore bring a depth of business and technology experience which well serves the delivery of information and analytics services to enterprise clients across many industries.

We thrive on solving difficult technical challenges, and working closely with customers to deliver beyond expectations. Our deep expertise in analysing imagery and data lets us unlock high-value insights from a huge range of sensors and sources, and our technology team are leaders in their field. Engagement with us is flexible and straightforward, via consultancy, APIs, bespoke projects, or algorithms-as-a-service through our innovative Fusion Platform®. All of our automated services are 'cloud-native', exploiting the cloud service computing advantage.

Our approach is different, but complementary, to companies who are specialists in only one type of sensor data processing. D-CAT, along with select partners, have a breadth of expertise in creating algorithms and machine learning models that analyse, fuse and exploit data from many different types of sensors. As a result, we are able to explore price and performance trade-offs across the options of data, algorithms and processing. With this flexibility, and using the unique cloud based platform tools D-CAT has created, we can affordably combine, or fuse, the right data from satellites, drones or IoT devices. This approach allows us to tailor our services to exactly meet our clients' needs.

The D-CAT team are based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, with a subsidiary in Adelaide, Australia.