We take a systematic approach to understanding how to solve customer problems. By focusing on the data which is available and the insights they bring, we develop and apply a range of algorithms to extract the knowledge that is required by our customers.

With a deep understanding of a range of algorithms and techniques, from probabilistic modelling to machine learning, we can select the best approach to solve the problem at hand. This means we can quickly select the right technique for the job from our portfolio of algorithms, or design a new algorithm tailored to meet your needs. Our continual investment in our own R&D builds an ever-increasing range of innovative, unique solutions which are then available through our Fusion Platform for any customer. 


We have detailed expertise in statistical classifiers and regressors, neural networks and deep learning, with a track record of publication on a range of techniques and their fusion. In addition, image enhancement, restoration, stabilisation, segmentation, mosaicking, super-resolution, and other image processing techniques are well known to us and have been applied across a wide variety of sectors to bring improved imagery and outcomes. Detection, recognition, identification and tracking problems are also very familiar to us, and the means of solving them to best suit a customer's need.

Having worked with a wide range of data, including visible-band, multispectral and hyperspectral imagery, active sensor imagery, point clouds, acoustic signals, time series, structured and unstructured data, we know how to apply the correct processing techniques to put us in the best position to extract the insight required.

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