D-CAT provides monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) services derived from satellite remote sensing data to businesses worldwide. We help businesses realise the power of satellite remote sensing to monitor assets, land, vegetation, and environmental impact, manage their carbon footprint, and build sustainable operations and business practices in a provable manner.

Generating Actionable MRV Insights

We are at the forefront of combining free and commercial satellite data to create unique MRV services which balance price versus performance, all delivered by our proprietary MRV platform, the Fusion Platform®, hosted on the AWS cloud to provide globally scalable delivery. Examples of our services include:

Emissions Monitoring and Reporting

We can monitor greenhouse gas emissions at a range of spatial and temporal frequencies, including methane and CO2, estimating volume and pinpointing the source of the emission. We also offer services which can detect leaks from infrastructure, such as hydrocarbons and other liquids.

Energy & Utilities Environment & Forestry

Climate Change and Net Zero

We can help by assessing where improvements can be made, and then verifying their impact. For example, from carbon balance assessments of land (emissions and sequestration) to thermal loss mapping from buildings. We can also offer services which assess the potential of land and roofs for solar power generation.

Agriculture Energy & Utilities

Natural Capital Stewardship

We can monitor our natural capital, including changes to trees and deforestation, the threat risk and effects of wildfires, changes to coastland areas, such as salt marshes, and the extent of algal blooms. We can also provide assessments of soil health and ground movement.

Agriculture Environment & Forestry

Food Supply and Sustainable Practices

We offer a range of services to help improve and monitor agriculture across the value chain. Including providing estimates of available biomass, predicting crop yield, detecting frost damage and the prevalence of weeds. For insurance, trading, logistics and government, we also offer the large-scale assessment crop classification.

Agriculture Government Insurance

Resource, Infrastructure and Utility Management

We offer services which can monitor critical infrastructure. This includes assessing road condition and flooding, monitoring pipelines for leaks, incursions and encroachment, and mapping fine ground movements which could affect key infrastructure and buildings. Asset detection, such as solar panels, is also offered.

Energy & Utilities Government Infrastructure

Our MRV Platform Provides Global Scalable Delivery

Our team of spectral and data scientists build solutions to meet business needs using leading-edge techniques. We select the most appropriate data sources and combine these with mathematical techniques, image processing and machine learning, as appropriate, to provide solutions that have been extensively validated. Our team of software engineers then turn solutions into services designed to be performant, scalable and resilient, which are delivered through our proprietary MRV platform, the Fusion Platform®.

Data Sources

We can ingest data from a range of remote sensing data sources, including satellites, weather and IoT data, fusing data when needed. We then use this data to provide the best possible estimates, predictions and other insights.


We build robust solutions that offer choice in price and performance, all of which run rapidly at scale on the Fusion Platform®. With near global coverage and intelligent processing, we can produce timely outputs on demand or regularly.

Actionable Insights

We produce data to meet business needs so that it is actionable, using a range of data formats that are accessible via RESTful API, SDK or delivered direct to external infrastructure, such as AWS S3 bucket.

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