D-CAT provides monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) services derived from satellite remote sensing data to businesses worldwide. We help businesses realise the power of satellite remote sensing to monitor land, vegetation, and environmental impact, manage their carbon footprint, and build sustainable operations and business practices in a provable manner.

Why Us?

D-CAT is at the forefront of combining free and commercial satellite data, from hyperspectral to SAR, to create unique MRV services that are set to become 'business as usual' information for data-driven clients worldwide. Motivated to push boundaries and deliver impact, we combine our own world-class algorithms, partner algorithms, analytics and AI technologies with our software and systems knowledge to realise value. Our proprietary Fusion Platform®, hosted on the AWS cloud, provides globally scalable delivery into our client's applications via API.

Our Approach


The most important step is understanding your monitoring needs. We will work closely with you to understand what problems you want to solve, what data you have available and how you want the solution delivered. We have a growing portfolio of proven MRV services which are immediately available, or we can develop a bespoke service to meet specific needs.

Analyse and Innovate

We will bring creative solutions, expert knowledge in data analysis, machine learning and software development, and a wealth of experience to design the solution you need.


We can provide on-demand or routine MRV services, all delivered via API. Alternatively, our state-of-the-art Fusion Platform®, can be separately licensed by enterprises for integration into their own technology stack.

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