Data is one of the key driving forces of modern business. Businesses have a wealth of data but this can often be overwhelming and difficult to analyse or use. From discovering patterns in data, to fusing data sources in order to provide additional intelligence, we specialise in turning your data into actionable insight.

Every business generates data at a phenomenal rate, yet this data is often ignored and not used effectively. For example, data on customers can help businesses forecast, plan and improve their market position, whereas environmental data can help improve sustainability and resource usage. However, tapping into this data is a difficult process which requires creativity, knowledge and experience.

Understanding Data

We have experience with a wealth of data sets from customers to commercial and public sources. From e-commerce transactions to satellite imagery, we have worked with structured and unstructured sources, each of which bring their own complexities. Our first task on any project is to understand and explore the available data to form a basis upon which we can approach solving our customer's problems.


Through data exploration, we can identify additional data sources or ways in which data can be fused to generate the insight needed. We then apply a range of techniques, including statistical analysis, pattern discovery and recognition, probabilistic modelling, machine and deep learning. These descriptive and predictive analytics techniques help us build insight from data which is then tailored to meet the customers requirements as a prescriptive analytics solution which helps them gain actionable knowledge.

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