September 2020

There is an increasing need for affordable, effective monitoring of the environment, with the recent wildfires in the western US states being only the latest example. Each year the number of wildfire outbreaks across the globe increases, as does the need for faster detection of fires and the ability to reliably monitoring them through degraded conditions. With forests covering millions of acres of land worldwide, satellite-based imaging services from D-CAT can play a key role in monitoring fire risk for all stakeholders, including fire-fighters.

Wildfire Detection

Wildfires are a huge concern for the environment, causing the destruction of large regions of wildlife habitat, as well as infrastructure. Notable recent cases include the wildfires in Western America where nearly a million acres of land have been burned in Oregon alone, causing extensive damage. Oregon and its neighbouring states are monitored regularly by satellites which capture images of the land using a variety of sensors. Through intelligent application of analytics and image processing to Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, our technology determines exactly where the fires are located. Such insights allow rescue teams to access which areas are at greatest risk, and the extent of the damage. Post-fire analysis and monitoring of land recovery and potentially dangerous run-offs can also be provided.

The image below shows a false colour image of the wildfire (in red/orange) in Fremont-Winema National Forest, Oregon on the 11th of September 2020:

The following image is from the 20th of August 2020 showing Mount Jefferson, Oregon:

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