We have established a reputation as a trusted partner by our customers. Working closely with them, we tailor solutions to exactly what is needed within the budget available. This ranges from small-scale data exploration studies through to large-scale bespoke developments which deploy complex algorithms to deliver data intelligence to users.

We work with customers all over the world to deliver the solutions they need. Our staff have a wide range of expertise and experience, including with leading technology consultancies at senior level, so that we are capable of working from a strategic level down to technical project delivery. Clients range from multi-national corporates to SMEs, government and research agencies, and our engagements can last from days to longer-term strategic partnerships over many years.


Our approach is very much to build long-term, trusted relationships with our customers. We like to start with small scoping or feasibility studies to help understand our customer's requirements so that we can focus on exactly what is required and demonstrate value-for-money. These smaller studies can then lead to deeper interactions and larger-scale work once trust and concepts have been proven.


We have the expertise to undertake strategic studies, small-scale data exploration and solution feasibility studies, provide technology advice and bespoke training, develop mobile, desktop and cloud-based software solutions, or even to integrate and develop bespoke sensors.

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