Never before has understanding our environment been so important, and we are at the forefront of enabling affordable services that allow businesses, organisations and governments to monitor large areas at scale. We help customers worldwide to monitor, assess and track both land and coastal environments, find issues and quantify what matters to them.


Forest monitoring and management requires large, and sometimes vast, areas to be analysed and maintained, and is therefore well suited to remote sensing solutions. For commercial forestry however, any service must be cost-effective as well as convenient, and also be able to provide the resolution and accuracy required if manual inspection is to be replaced. 

Our solutions have been developed over several years and proven across different continents and tree species, and can be tailored to suit the needs of forestry agencies, commercial businesses, parks and other parties maintaining or interested in forest management or monitoring. We offer mainly satellite-based services, deliverable as reports or via API, due to the coverage achievable, sensor data quality and modalities available, but can also process aircraft or drone-captured visible, near infrared, thermal, SAR and LIDAR data.

Applications include:

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring environmental impact, understanding sustainability and managing carbon neutrality are all, increasingly, important facets of many businesses, governments and organisations worldwide. We are proud to play a part in helping monitor what matters, affordably and effectively.

Using satellite imagery to provide wide area coverage, sometimes on a country-wide scale, D-CAT offers a range of services which enable regular, time-based or snapshot views of environmental impact. These include:

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