Our team brings together expertise in spectral and data science, mathematics, data fusion, leading-edge research and robust software development which enables us to develop innovative solutions and new algorithms to solve customer problems. Our value is in bringing all of this expertise together to produce robust solutions which deliver value-for-money.

We work closely with customers to understand their needs and to gain a deep understanding of the problems that they face and what type of solutions they require. Building on this understanding, and in close cooperation with customers, we design and tailor advanced processing algorithms to bring insight and help solve their problems.


Our team has a range of expertise and experience. We have a deep understanding of data processing and analytics. We have worked extensively with machine learning techniques over a number of years, with a range of published articles on leading-edge approaches. Sensor systems across the spectrum are well known to us, and that understanding, together with atmospherics, allows optimised image processing algorithms to be developed. When combined with our data and image fusion experience, further performance and operational gains can be delivered.

We have worked with a range of clients across industries, including those in defence and intelligence, universities, cyber-security, marketing and retail, agriculture, energy and utilities. Each client brings their own unique perspective and challenges, and hence our solutions are tailored exactly to their needs.


Our team has the knowledge and tools to develop solutions rapidly. We can quickly tap into an array of data sources and technologies to iteratively develop solutions. Working closely with customers, we gain feedback on our approach and focus our effort on what the customer needs.

We can deliver solutions which range from a detailed study of the available data, possible solutions and initial evaluation through to production-capable software solutions which can be deployed to customer systems at scale. These solutions employ a range of techniques including detection, classification, prediction and fusion algorithms.

Through our innovative Fusion Platform®, we can deliver algorithms quickly for use by customers so that algorithms can be run on demand or in response to key events without the need for customer infrastructure.

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