Modelling, assessing and managing risks have always been critical to this industry, but recent years have seen a digital transformation in this sector. Opportunities offered by remote sensing, data analytics, machine learning, and cloud delivery are bringing about the 'API ecosystem', and our services enable insurers to see and validate claims as never before. Combined with our leading predictive analytics, machine learning and data fusion technologies, new insights can emerge and risk models can tuned based on real-time and historic truths.

Insurance companies are increasingly forming partnerships to build or enhance their existing products, capitalising on partnerships which allow fast and effective change to deliver real customer value. 

D-CAT’s partnering approach and expertise aligns with these industry needs, offering our rich analytics and data intelligence in specialised areas and specific business domains. The unique insights we create can help develop new risk products, optimise operations and understand the customer in greater degree at quote, renewal, and claim stages. Our capabilities offer an insurance company the opportunity of real differentiation at a time of rapid technology driven change.

Examples where D-CAT’s capabilities deliver value to the insurance industry include:

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