Having the right data at the right time is key to producing actionable insight. D-CAT recognise the need to provide customers with flexible access to data that is easy to incorporate into their own analysis and workflows. We therefore make our popular data sets available via AWS Data Exchange so that customers can subscribe to and download the data they need, when they need it in an easy and secure way on the cloud.

Through our work analysing many types of imagery data, and especially different sources of satellite data, we have developed key data sets designed to resolve real problems which we ourselves frequently use. For example, these data sets range from combining different channels of multi-spectral data into a variety of vegetation, water or soil indices, through to intelligent processing techniques we apply to other data sources to increase spatial or temporal resolution. We make these popular datasets available via  AWS Marketplace Data Exchange (ADX).

D-CAT is always seeking new ways to broaden the reach of our data products. The frictionless solution for ingesting third-party data products offered by AWS Data Exchange allows us to share this data in an effective and secure way. You just need an AWS account to benefit from this data ingestion technology. AWS Data Exchange allows you to manage all your data subscriptions from a single place, the AWS console, including the updates of the data product and the commercial and legal terms of use.

While we offer popular products via AWS Data Exchange, if you have specific requirements, or want to know more, please get in touch, and we'd be pleased to help.

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