We go beyond standard approaches to extract greater value from imagery for our customers. Whatever the image waveband, type or quality, we have the understanding and experience to meet even the most demanding of requirements, whether through existing algorithms or new, bespoke solutions, we can tailor to price and performance demands. As image and data fusion experts, we also bring the ability to offer enhanced performance from multiple sensor sources, where available.

Image Processing

Our team members have experience going back over 25 years of designing and delivering novel image processing algorithms and systems to clients worldwide, and we bring that heritage and wealth of learning to all the projects we do. That experience, gained on the most demanding defence, space, security, surveillance, intelligence and commercial challenges, allows us to rapidly assess options and provide best-in-class solutions suited to customer needs and budgets.

We are most comfortable designing sensor system solutions, where we can advise on sensors and sensor mixes as well as the other important system factors that will affect final performance (e.g. processors, connectivity). This lets us model, develop and deliver the best solutions, and in the easiest way for clients to consume results, such as on mobile, via API, or as an embedded solution. Where image feeds are already fixed then we are ready to apply our processing techniques with the same attention to detail, to enhance, stabilise, mosaic, fuse, detect, track, classify or otherwise meet whatever image processing challenge you have.

Fusion: Can 2 + 2 =5?

Combining images and data requires intelligence and a deep understanding of errors and uncertainty. For example, if you have a clock then you know the time, but when you have two clocks you may not be so sure. Intelligent data fusion handles this uncertainty to give you the best possible view of the truth, with error bounds, and enables complementary data or image sources to provide enhanced or even previously not possible views, insights and knowledge.

We are masters of all levels of fusion, from pixels to information, and can tailor fused solutions whenever multiple data sources are available. Examples include fusing optical and radar satellite imagery to improve yield prediction accuracy and timeliness, fusing multispectral images to 'see through' bushfires, and using data fusion methods to estimate crop biomass. We would be delighted to speak to you about how we can help you get more out of your data and image sources.

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