Trusted, timely and reliable information is key to any emergency response. Learning from the past, monitoring trends, and predicting future issues with well understood error bounds is just as important. We understand all of those needs and have the technologies required to deliver high availability, actionable knowledge that distills a complex big picture into a clear and intuitive form.

In times of need, emergency services are always expected to always be there, and to act rapidly and effectively in a co-ordinated manner. For that to happen, good planning for such eventualities is needed as well as timely and accurate information the gives full situational awareness as the emergency is unfolding. 

D-CAT's technology can help with the planning phase, post-emergency analysis, and form a part of real-time decision making during emergencies. We are able to provide wide area situational monitoring and assessment for: 

We can also help derive optimal routes for emergency access over terrain, taking into account ground compaction and moisture, terrain, buildings and transport routes to inform decision makers co-ordinating emergency response vehicles.

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