We have made interaction with the Fusion Platform® as easy as possible. With our detailed documentation and examples, you should be able to get working with the platform quickly and easily. We are responsive to requests for those times when you have questions or might want additional information, and we can also arrange for our direct help when you need something extra.

We provide full details of all the data services we offer, detailed documentation on our Python SDK and code examples. If you have questions or need extra help, then we also offer a range of support options to meet your needs, just get in touch.

Python SDK Usage Guide

Our SDK usage guide steps you through the key interactions with the Fusion Platform®. With code snippets and important information, this step-by-step guide will help you get what you need rapidly.

Code Examples

We provide examples of code to get you started. Our quick example is designed to show you the basics of selecting and executing a service, while our detailed example shows how you can take the resulting images and extract information from them.


We typically offer inclusive support to get you up and running. We are also responsive to any questions you might have, or to problems that you may encounter. Additionally, we can arrange extra support if you need something specific, just get in touch.

Case Studies & News

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